Mitch Myers

VDB - Houdini Exploration



Houdini has always been a scary program for me, which is why I never took the jump into exploring it.  This is my first exploration into Houdini by challenging myself to create 40 different volumes, all with different looks and vibes.  I hope you enjoy looking through my creative process.


- Mitchy


I knew I wanted to create something different with some of these VDB's.  Creating the dynamic, wispy, powerful forms of Nebula was definitely a challenge.  I was able to get some pretty interested looks by first creating my mesh inside Maxon C4D and using the sculpting tools to modify my mesh into interesting forms.  From there I could import the obj. from C4D and use that as my volume container.


I spent a lot of my time looking at reference for these volumes.  Since we see clouds every day it was important to me to accurately portray them in this pack.  It took some time but I think I got to a good place.

Intense and ominous atmospheres are something that I absolutely love.  The smoke VDB's were built as an exploration into volumes that you could use in your every day renders to enhance the feel of your finished product.  These VDB's can give a really nice light falloff and bleed throughout their structure.


Above anything else, this pack was by far the most exhilarating to build.  These are perfect for those strange alien landscapes or sci-fi atmospheres.