Mitch Myers

Lesson 5.1




Influencer Marketing!  Probably one of the best possible things you can do for your future is to become an influencer in some way.  Let's go into creating valuable content to grow your influence and how to use that to your advantage. This will be a multi-part lesson!

The word influencer would have been non-existent probably 10 years ago, but today it's heard everywhere.  The internet and its ease of use have granted all of use the ability to be our own CNN or NBC.  Our own marketing and PR firms.  You see it everywhere you see social media, that's where mass influencing was born.    You as an entrepreneur are no different than any other brand, and with that, you have the ability to branch your influence in more than one direction.  Just as in investing, being diversified is incredibly essential to play the game correctly and efficiently.  The same goes for life.  Never leave money on the table just because you don't realize how much bigger you can become.  

Your personal brand can allow you access to almost anything you can dream of if you are successful enough and now through social media, developing a personal brand works wonders for creatives.  The best part about it is that there is no specific direction you need to take in life.  You can become whatever you want, whenever you want, and you can build that into something as massive as you want it to be.  The tools are all available to you know.  There's been many that cut ties with incredibly lucrative jobs to pursue a passion, to break the mold, to go their own way.  Many of you are doing that now.  So what differentiates the ones who are successful and the ones that call it quits?  With all these tools available to use why do so many still fail at creating a following?  The answer is commitment, and the willingness to crawl through shit for a while.  I still find myself crawling through the mud from time to time to follow my dreams and make a successful life from them.  But I crawl with a smile on my face.  You can't half-ass growing your business.  Unless you want to settle for half-ass success, in which case there are many others who would gladly take your piece of the pie.  You must take responsibility for your current success or lack thereof and dedicate yourself to becoming something worth paying for.

First, we need to understand that creating a brand for yourself is much easier than creating or enhancing a brand that is already developed.  So if your doing or have done this for a brand already this should be easy for you, and I’m actually surprised that you haven’t done this already for yourself.  You have a slew of red tape that is now nonexistent, and you have now become your own client.  A freelancers dream.  But where do you need to start when creating your brand? 

Here are the obvious goals:



-  A website that represents your brand effectively. (Your brand, as in who you are as an artist, make yourself look valuable always, primarily where you sell yourself.)

-  Fuck business cards.  (There lovely to have, but if you’re early in this process they are a waste of your time and money.)

-  Develop some micro-branding where necessary. (A non-annoying email Sig, watermarks, invoice design, etc.)

The goal is to have your branding in some way touch everything you do.

Here are some not so apparent goals you should have:

-  Copy your developed branding to every inch of your social sites. (You no longer have a personal social network, that is now your business’s.  You can always make separate personal sites but if you are not going to follow your brand then keep it private.)

-  Develop what your client voice will sound like.  ( Emails, meetings, phone calls, they should all sound the same and all be authentic to yourself and your brand.  Commit to using this voice.)

-  Understand you’re market.  (By the way, your market doesn’t always have to be your clients in your current industry, it can stretch farther than that.)

-  Understand what sets you apart from others like you. (Otherwise, why should anyone care?)

We will leave it there for this lesson.  Next one coming soon! As always let me know if you have any questions!

- Mitchy