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Case Study



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A quick example...

While working on a project with a client earlier this year I was tasked with delivering something that required a vast knowledge of Xpresso to be able to produce and deliver.  (If anybody does not know, Xpresso is a node based scripting tool within Cinema 4D.)  While working on the project, I was required to enhanced my knowledge in this tool.  The goal after the project was completed, was to use that new tool to create something of value (Byproducts For A Price).  With this new found knowledge of Xpresso,  I was able to create my Production Light Kit and therefore turn a byproduct into something of profit for myself.  

The byproduct can be as big or as small as you see fit, the only goal is to create passive income for yourself with the least amount of effort.  The best part about this is that the byproduct is created while already making a profit from the original venture. Take some time during each project that you work on to stop and start to discover any byproducts that you may be creating for yourself.

As always please ask questions on the Patreon, or even share any byproducts that you may have found recently that you may be able to use!