Mitch Myers

The Glitch Mob - Album Artwork

3d Artist / designer

Most of you know that i am a motion designer at my core, but sometimes doing some still art just SATISFIES.  You can focus on the smaller things rather than rendering what you got because you hardly have enough time to render 1000 frames before the client freaks out.  The glitch mob came to me with the objective of completing their Album Artwork for their upcoming release "See Without Eyes".  It was a very fun endevor.

i hope you enjoy The end result.



We wanted to stick to something photo real, but with a surreal twist.  It was important to the guys that they all be represented on the cover as a fine art piece.  Revisions were the name of the game on this one (15 if your counting), were we went through tons of different texture styles from all IRIDESCENCE to marble to old forged brass.  Adding the neon in the center was both a composition tool as well as an extra light source that gave us our surreal element.

Thanks for taking a look

<3 Mitchy