Mitch Myers




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We all can jump on the internet and start finding clients, It's literally the easiest, and I'm sure you do this every day as a freelancer right?  But how do you contact those potential clients, where do you find the right person to hire you onto a job?  Sure, it's pretty easy if your client base is on the agency end, those creative directors are the easiest to find, but an email connected to a creative director for Tesla, let's say, is going to be a little bit harder to track down.  Allow me to make your life a bit easier...

Check out the app SalesLift by HERE or by clicking the image above.  They even have a Chrome Extension you can download too!  With SalesLift you will be able to snag the email to any potential client contact on Linkedin.  


So, for example, you can type in Facebook in the Linkedin search bar.  From there, you can scroll down the list of employees until you come upon a worth contact for your business, you'll also notice a green "Get Email" button on the page.  Not only can you track down the contact info, but your SalesLift profile will add every contact to a leads folder on the website, it can be a straightforward way to log contact information basically effortlessly.

Now go track down some Standalone Clients!