Mitch Myers

Kitbash3D Festival Main Titles


Most of you know, main titles are something that i put into a category higher than the rest when it comes to potential work. i love them. the task of telling a show’s, festival’s, or movie’s story an a 30-60 second time span is the perfect problem for me to solve. So, when Banks from Kitbash3d came to me looking for some fresh titles for their new 2018 kitbash3d festival i knew i couldn’t pass it up. even though i was already double booked to begin with o.0

I love it, I hope you love it too.





: Creating a visual story :

Creating a visual story through developing a journey in and out of these different Kitbash3D worlds was the foundation to the title sequence. There are an huge amount of possibilities that kitbash3d offers and i felt it was important to represent that in the 45 seconds. When thinking about what imagery I needed to compliment these titles I found keeping things as clean and pure as possible. In the end, a lot of fluff wasn’t really needed. Instead, focusing on the impact that Kitbash3D models can have on your scenes was the correct direction in my opinion. Color was a big factor in the build as well. Starting unsaturated would allow for greater impact once the heavy saturation kicked in. Starting out with light passing through the pillars of the great Colosseum from kitbash3D’s Roman Empire kit represented the beginning of moving pictures, the beginning of this entire industry. Much like the early Zoetrope. We start at the beginning of visual art and animation, and we end on kitbash3d.



The titles has to represent Kitbash3D and what they deliver to all of their artists. Something strong and bold while still feeling grounded and firm. I went through a few iterations to find the correct combination. At first I was really digging the serif font below. It was bold, sharp, and fit well with the imagery. But for sake of legibility, I decided to stick with a trusty sans. The structures separating fore and surnames allowed me to create some space in the titles while still representing Kitbash3D’s products in a simple way.