Mitch Myers

FOX - Prodigal Son StyleFrames


This was a really quick turn project that was meant to find the artistic direction the show’s titles would take. It was stressful. it was fun. it turned out pretty creepy actually haha.

I love it, I hope you love it too.



: LOOK A :

- Visuals through an X-Ray -


The series centers on a young criminal profiler, whose father is an infamous serial killer known as "The Surgeon.” I wanted to take that character contrast into an abstract world. The initial idea was to create an ‘x-ray” style world to satisfy my need to make weird stuff. I landed on a look that represents the polished nature of the son/law enforcement, while contrasting the psychotic/Deadly nature of his father.


: LOOK B :

- The Crime Scene -

This one is pretty on the nose. But it looks pretty killer and that’s the point. The contrast between the law enforcement son and the killer father show on each side of the center figure. That figure representing the main characters conscience.


That’s about it.