Mitch Myers

EA - NHL19


This one was

I had a blast working with the amazing people at EA vancouver to develop a solid graphic treatment for NHL 19 PROAM. The Pro-Am section of the game gives players an offline series of three-on-three challenges, as your character is teamed up with NHL players from all eras to take on other superstar squads. if you ever get a chance to do a little work in a video game, do it.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as i did.

LogoBumper_Shatter (0-00-05-20).png

Logo Bumper

the goal was to give the proam section of nhl19 a powerful look that relates to the original ea nhl brand but stands on it’s own as well.


the transition was fast and sharp. it was meant to be a PLEASANT ADDITION to the gamer’s experience and a compliment to the rest of the treatment.


EA_NHL_Dash_FULLBuild (0-00-06-24).png

The inner bits

CINEMA 4D_2018-09-14_00-09-20.png