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The_Deep_Void_Collection | PLANET PACK

The_Deep_Void_Collection | PLANET PACK

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Product Overview:

It's finally here!  Dive into The Deep Void Collection Planet pack and explore the wonders of our Universe within Cinema 4d!  All of the planets were constructed with quality, mix of realism and look, (and most important) render times in mind.  All project files are optimized and Animation ready!  It does not matter if you are a beginner in your craft or a highly skilled 3d artist that needs a pack on the back burner, this product is perfect for you!  

Just click render, and BOOM!  You got something sexy.

Whats Included?

  • All 9 Solar System Planets
  • 2 Moons including Luna & Europa
  • 2k / 4k / 8k Textures
  • Gargantua Project File
  • All Optimized and Animation Ready

Product Details:

  • Release Date:  04.08.2017
  • File Size:  269 mb
  • File Type:  .zip / .c4d
  • Compatibility:  Cinema 4d ( R11.5 AND ABOVE ) w/ Octane Render Plugin
  • Version:  1.0
  • CC:  Attribution [CC BY] 


* If your download does not start DON'T PANIC!  Squarspace has been a bit unrelyable.  Please contact me and I will send you a seperate download link after your purchase is confirmed!

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