Mitch Myers




The truth About Building Story

When it comes to making your work stand the test of time, building a story around it is the best way to ensure it’s longevity. we all know it, (or at least we should) and we all should IMPLEMENT them into our own work, (but for some reason most of us don’t). But why is it so scary, and why is it so hard?



Every one of us as artists are creating for a purpose. That purpose can be as egocentric or as altruistic as you see fit. It doesn't matter; we're artists, we can make shit for the hell of it. What does matter is that if you're playing this game for an audience, your primary goal is to bridge a divide between your vision and their ignorance. There are considerably more ways to achieve this than you are probably aware. but, most likely your lack of storytelling ABILITIES comes down to a couple of things.

1. Your need for instant gratification. *cough* Instagram *cough* 2. Your total and miss placed fear of developing and telling stories.


/story, (it’s a shitty cd buzzword) and that’s why it’s scary

Some of you may have been put off by the word story long ago because you’ve had it jammed into your ear holes by some shitty ad or cd that used the use of the word to justify his or her job. 👏 👏 👏

Well, let me bring you back a bit. I promise I won’t do that to you.

First, however, I need to un-brainwash your creative minds that have been stomped all over for so long. We need to stop thinking about stories like they are something for a different job title or as if they are UNNECESSARY BECAUSE your work is “abstract.” 🙄  If your goal is to develop yourself as an innovative artist, then the product you produce needs to contain instructions on how your audience should ingest it. If you’re building an original product, then your audience needs a new foundation to stand on *which is a good story. Stories should no longer come into your mind as shit you have to deal with before you can make something sexy. They should be your instruction manuals before you send your product off to market. What do you want your audience to feel, do, or say after you're "finished?" How do you want your audience to put these pieces together to express your initial intentions?

/This is about growth

The best part about building a story is that you get to build it around you. Who else knows the reason you are creating better than you? Even if one of your larger drivers is making large sums of money 🙋🏼‍♂️. Which should be no excuse for poor storytelling if you're in this industry. This is about growth, not about extra work or trying to connect with a particular audience. Your story is your work, and your work is your story. (Probably the lamest sentence I've ever written... But, It's true.) Understanding who you are as an artist requires a certain level of maturity in your career. Although, I cannot tell you when that exactly is. You just know it when you know it. You feel yourself stepping away from the mold, and your place among everything else becomes a bit clearer. You see yourself as an individual with a story to tell. I think this happens in many industries, even those outside our own. People working un-creative jobs and leading uninspired lives, to then leave and do something original. Finding and understanding why you are creating is the best first step to injecting a story into every project you work on. Whether it be a story through words or a story through colors and shapes.