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3D / Design / Exploration

I was contacted by the amazing people at Framework LA to help them develop a new look for the 14 season long song competition "The Voice".  Even though the 14th season went live without IMPLEMENTING this new look I can't wait to see where they might take it next year.

I hope you enjoy the visuals below :)


-  brand logo bumper example  -



When starting this project I knew creating a new fresh look that wouldn't be scary to the higher ups at nbc would be near impossible, so i went ahead and left fear in the rear view to create something i would be jazzed to see.  Using Maxon Cinema 4d partnered up with octane render i went ahead with experimentation.  it was important to deliver something to the audience that still represented the orignal branding truthfully, but still gave it a new, fresh, and inspired look.

-  Lower 3rd Example  -

Framework1702_TheVoice_Flashback Mortise_C.png

-  flashback motif example  -



I decided upon a look that mirrored the glitz and glamour of STARDOM.  The implimentation of small emissions and light sources represents flashing cameras and massive crowds of fans while the new neon / foggy glass textures took the viewer to a place of surreal awe.


-  Stadium Bumper example  -




-  transition example  -

Thanks for checking it out

<3 Mitchy