Mitch Myers


Award-WinninG Freelance

Art Director | Motion Designer |ENTREPRENEUR

Winnin' Emmys / Makin Pennies ✌


Based In St. Louis, Working Worldwide.

Mitch Myers is an Art director, Motion Designer, and Artistic Celebrity in the Motion Design World...A Branding Genius.
— School of Motion

What's up everyone!

I am a Motion Designer / Art Director based out of St. Louis Missouri.  Throughout my career, I have had the honor of working alongside many of the coolest people in media today, including the top brands and agencies in Broadcast and Advertising.  I always work in the mind of a DP, bringing together knowledge of Film Theory, Cinematic Light Storytelling, and Filmic Scene Setups to the world of 3D Animation and Mograph.

I also have garnered a pretty legit following on many social sites by posting weekly experimentations of my work as well as process videos.  It is incredibly important to me to be a worthy contributor to the media and art community.

Besides my experimentations and client work, I am also working on a handful of products to help artists produce the best work they can and run the most productive and profitable business possible.

I now run a Mentorship Program titled "The Jump" which helps build entrepreneurial novices into masters of their craft.


Mitch offers some very useful advice and tips for those of you who are striving for balance in your creative life.
— Ash Thorp / via the collective podcast

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...this motion designer has a bright future ahead.
— Premium Beat

— Awards —

(PSW) Emmy Nomination x2

Communicator Award (GOLD) - Art Direction

Communicator Award (GOLD) - Use Of Animation

Communicator Award (SILVER) - Use Of Visual Effects

Communicator Awards (SILVER) - Government Relations

Communicator Awards (SILVER) - Public Relations

(Mid Am) Emmy Award x3

(Mid Am) Emmy Nomination

Telly Award x2

W3 Award x2

W3 Award Best In Show

Idea Award x2 - Best Music Video


— Press —

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