Mitch Myers

About Me

An Award-Winning Freelance Motion Designer | 3D Artist | Art Director  

a "dIGITAL dp" specializing in telling stories without words.


What's up everyone!

I am a Motion Designer / Art Director based out of St. Louis Missouri.  Throughout my career, I have had the honor of working alongside many of the coolest people in media today, including the top brands and agencies in Broadcast and Advertising.  I always work in the mind of a DP, Bringing together knowledge of Film Theory, Cinematic Light Storytelling, and Filmic Scene Setups to the world of 3D Animation and Mograph.

I also have garnered a pretty legit following on many social sites by posting weekly experimentations of my work as well as process videos.  It is incredibly important to me to be a worthy contributor to the media and art community.

Besides my experimentations and client work, I am also working on a handful of products to help artist produce the best work they can.



— Client List —

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— Awards —

(PSW) Emmy Nomination x2

Communicator Award (GOLD) - Art Direction

Communicator Award (GOLD) - Use Of Animation

Communicator Award (SILVER) - Use Of Visual Effects

Communicator Awards (SILVER) - Government Relations

Communicator Awards (SILVER) - Public Relations

(Mid Am) Emmy Award x3

(Mid Am) Emmy Nomination

Telly Award x2

W3 Award x2

W3 Award Best In Show

Idea Award x2 - Best Music Video


— Press —

FStoppers - Article

Cineversity - 2017 SIGGRAPH Presentation

Premium Beat - #3 Best Show Reel of Spring 2017

Abduzeedo - Work Feature

Vimeo - Staff Pick

Behance - Illustration Feature

The Motion Design Community - Interview

Brograph Podcast - Ep. 95

Brograph Podcast - Ep. 103

Watch my live stream Presenting At SIGGRAPH 2017 for MAXON

Voted #3 Best Show Reel Spring 2017